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Frequently asked questions that're probably on your mind.

What blogging platforms is Affilimate compatible with?

Learn whether your blog is compatible with Affilimate's affiliate analytics solution.

Do you offer concierge migration or setup?

Learn how to take advantage of our concierge migration and setup process for your website.

How can I change my domain name?

If you're in the process of migrating your site to a new domain, here's how to update the tracking to your new URL.

How can I delete all links for a partner or delete a partner?

How to select all the affiliate links by a partner and remove them at once.

How can I track multiple websites in Affilimate?

How to add additional websites or domains in Affilimate and how to ensure you've correctly set them up in various affiliate programs.

What do the different sales statuses mean?

How to understand the complete, pending, refunded, and cancelled sales from different partners.

Will the Affilimate snippet affect my site speed?

Performance of the affilimate snippet

Is Affilimate compatible with the Ezoic CDN?

Learn about how Affilimate stays compatible with the Ezoic CDN.

Including Affilimate in your privacy policy (GDPR / CCPA)

Why you need a privacy policy and how can you include Affilimate in the privacy policy for your site.

How can I rename a product link?

Having well-named product links makes it easier to read your reports. Learn how to change the names of your links from generic terms like "Click here" to most descriptive names.

Does Affilimate have an affiliate program?

Learn about Affilimate's affiliate program, how to invite people to join Affilimate, and how to track your commissions and get paid.

Which affiliate programs does Affilimate integrate? (Current and planned)

Learn which integrations Affilimate currently offers for its performance reporting and which are on our radar.