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Will the Affilimate snippet affect my site speed?

Any script you install on your site can have an affect on your site speed. We put a lot of work into optimizing the Affilimate snippet so your visitors won't notice a difference.

Our snippet is:

  • Loaded and evaluated asynchronously
  • Placed at the closing </body> tag instead of blocking in <head>
  • Merely 8.5KB in size (compared to Google Analytics (17.6KB) or MediaVine (41.9KB))
  • Served by a global CDN to keep delivery fast
  • Batching requests for clicks and impressions
  • Able to build heatmaps without tracking mouse movement

Plus, since Affilimate is an independent app and not a WordPress plugin, all the intensive processing of your data happens on our servers, where it won't conflict with your other plugins or slow down your site.