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How to import your Skimlinks earnings reports

Compatibility note. While you can track all of your sales through Skimlinks with Affilimate, we currently do not track CLICKS on links created by Skimlinks via JavaScript.

Meaning, if Skimlinks "magically" turns your links into Affiliate links, those clicks won't be tracked. We recommend generating Skimlinks using the "Long Link" setting manually inside the Skimlinks Publisher Hub for the best tracking.

Read more about Affilimate's compatibility

Import your Skimlinks sales reports

Let's get those Skimlinks reports into Affilimate 💪

Step 1: Find your API credentials

Start by logging in to the Publisher Hub in your web browser.

Go to Toolbox > APIs > API Authentication Credentials

You'll see a box containing your credentials that looks like this:

Step 2: Test Affilimate's connection to Skimlinks

After you've provided your Publisher ID, Client ID, and Client Secret, push the button to "Test Connection" to Skimlinks.

After you test your connection, you'll be asked how many months worth of sales you'd like to import. Follow the steps and you'll be done!

You made it!

Here are a few ideas of what to do next:

  1. Look at frequently refunded products and see if you should replace them in your posts, or if those products are out-of-date.

  2. Learn which products are earning you the highest commissions by sorting the Sales table by the "Amount" column.

  3. Learn how much you've earned from a specific product or brand by searching for all sales with a specific word in the product name. The sales total and chart will adjust based on your search, too!

Still got questions? Email us at and we'll help you out.