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How to add multiple websites on Awin

Awin gives you the option to either add a new Content Site or to add a new Publisher Account when it comes to tracking multiple websites.

If you want to keep all the reporting together under a single Space in Affilimate, simply add a new Content Site.

If you expect that you may sell the website someday or the website is run as a separate business entity, create a new Publisher Account instead.

Most Affilimate users will want to add new Content Sites. Here's how to do that on Awin:

Step 1. Go to your Promotional Spaces

Log in to the Awin Dashboard.

In the top navigation bar, go to: Acccount > Profile > Promotional Spaces.

Step 2. Add a new website

Click "Add Content Site" and fill out the details for the new website.

Step 3. Verify the new website

Click the shield icon above the screenshot of your website's homepage.

Follow the instructions to either add a meta tag to your website's header or upload an HTML file.