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Install and use the Affilimate browser extension

At Affilimate, we strongly recommend that you install our browser extension.

It helps dramatically with two main areas:

  1. Automated Reporting: Provides support for pulling transaction reports from affiliate programs that do not offer an API, so your dashboard is updated automatically.

  2. Exploring your blog: Click the Affilimate browser extension icon while visiting any page on your verified website, see it's stats, and easily examine that page in Affilimate. The easier it is, the more you'll optimize (and earn!).

NOTE: The Affilimate browser extension is currently only available for Chrome.

Here's how to install and use the browser extension in a few easy steps

The whole process takes just 2 minutes and has three main steps: 1) Install the extension and log in 2) Log in to your partner portals 3) Try the extension on your blog :)

Need to re-activate Affilimate after an update? Click here for instructions on how to do that!

1. Install the browser extension

To start, click here to open the Affilimate extension on the Chrome Webstore in a new window.

Once you've opened that page, click the blue "Add to Chrome" button.

You'll get a popup asking you to confirm the permissions for the extension. We use the permission to "read and change data on a number of websites" to pull reports on your behalf and overlay Affilimate data when you visit your own blog!

After you've installed successfully, you'll see this success message 🥳

You've just installed the Affilimate browser extension! Keep reading to learn how to log in and use the extension.

2. Log in to the extension by opening Affilimate

After you've installed the extension, it will will automatically open the Extension Setup page inside Affilimate and log you in!

Easy as pie 🥧

Keep reading to learn how to use the extension.

3. Sync your reports

If you do NOT see a green "OK" label next to one of the affiliate programs you're using, you'll see a sign labeled:

Log in to [Program name]

Once you'ved logged in, we'll start importing those reports in the background for you! You can watch the progress by opening the extension again. You'll see a yellow label that says "Importing...".

Once all your partners have a green "OK" label, you are good to go! Your reports will sync automatically.

NOTE: Any partners that are synced via API (which you connected via a one-time setup inside Affilimate using an API key) will not show up in this list.

NOTE: You'll occassionally need to re-log in to various partner portals to keep tracking the sales. Depending on the partner, it can be either every few days or every few weeks.

4. Inspect any page on your blog

Besides reporting, the Affilimate extension can also help you to optimize your blog anytime you're browsing it.

Simply navigate to any page you have affiliate links on, and then click the Affilimate icon.

You'll see a couple of basic stats on click-through rate from the last few time periods, plus an easy link to open the page in Affilimate.

In the future, we plan to make this part of the extension more powerful so stay tuned 🎧

How to re-activate Affilimate after an update

Sometimes, when we add new features to the Affilimate browser extension, Chrome will ask if you you're OK with the new permissions we need. This is simply for your security, so you can always verify that you're chill with how the extension works.

For most updates to the Affilimate extension, you won't need to do anything at all. You only need to take these steps when new permissions are required. Otherwise, just keep enjoying the new features, which will be installed automatically whenever you restart your browser!

Here's how to reactivate Affilimate after we've pushed an update.

Step 1. Click the yellow exclamation mark icon

When you start your browser again, you'll see the Affilimate icon disappear from your extensions, and then a yellow exclamation mark will appear.

Click that exclamation mark icon.

It will show you a menu that tells you that Affilimate is disabled. Go ahead and click on that message.

Step 2. Review and allow the new permissions

You'll be able to see which new websites we're looking to have permissions for. We only access these sites in order to automatically pull reports for you.

After that, the extension will be re-enabled. You don't even need to log in again 😄

If you want to adjust exactly which sites the Affilimate extension can access, you can always modify that in your Chrome extension settings.