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What blogging platforms is Affilimate compatible with?

Affilimate is compatible with absolutely any blogging platform that satisfies these requirements:

  1. You must have a sitemap
  2. Your links are rendered on the server

Here's how to tell whether your website has both of these things in place.

1. How to find your sitemap

A sitemap is a file (or several files) that give a complete list of the pages on your website that you want to be discoverable by search engines.

Google, for example, asks you to submit a sitemap when you use Google Search Console.

If you're using an SEO plugin for WordPress such as Yoast, you probably have a sitemap.

Sitemaps generally follow one of the following patterns:

# Option 1

# Option 2

Open a new tab in the browser and type the URL of your website followed by /sitemap.xml.

If you find something there, congratulations! You have a sitemap 🎉

2. How to tell if your links are rendered on the server

Most of the time, you won't have any issues with this. As long as you insert your own affiliate links into your blog posts, you won't have any problems with tracking them.

However, there are a few exceptions of links we can't track right now.

  1. Skimlinks installed via JavaScript. If you have installed Skimlinks via JavaScript we cannot track those links because they are only generated once your site's visitor loads the page, instead of on the server.
  2. Affiliate links inside popups or other hidden elements. In general, hiding your links means few people will find and click them! If you have affiliate links that are only visible after your site's visitor interacts with the page, we cannot track those links either.
  3. Genius links masking your Amazon links. We currently do not support tracking Genius Link-masked Amazon links, though we plan to introduce support at some point in the future. Genius links created with their URL shortener, however, are supported.

NOTE: Even though Affilimate can't track those specific types of links, you can still use Affilimate with the knowledge that those stats won't be included in your reports.